She has a master’s degree, but the practice of being a psychic medium found her. She’s been practicing for 5 years

(Southside Daily Photo/courtesy of Hannah Lauderback)
(Southside Daily Photo/courtesy of Hannah Lauderback)

NORFOLK — When you think of a psychic medium, you might think of someone who invites you into their darkly lit room and has you look into a crystal ball.

But it’s actually quite the opposite.

Lisa Lauderback has been working as a full-time professional psychic medium for five years.

She has done thousands of readings, hosted message circles and worked as a conduit for her clients over those years.

“It found me,” Lauderback said, explaining how she came to the practice.

Before taking on this role she worked as a real estate agent, was a full-time mom, got her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Old Dominion University and her master’s in Clinical Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

“I was always an intuitive person but I chalked it up to being good with people at first,” Lauderback said.

During a time of turmoil in her personal life, Lauderback felt pulled into the world of spiritualism.

She had gone to spiritualism fairs and had readings done by other psychics before but she never thought of herself as someone who could do that.

“I grew up very Catholic and very conservative,” she said.

And even though she has taken on this new role, she said she still feels very much connected to her Catholic faith.

The basics

One important distinction Lauderback wanted to make was that while all mediums are psychics, not all psychics are mediums.

She’s both — she can connect with the other side in addition to reading people.

Lauderback feels primarily claircognizant, she just knows things without really understanding why or how she does.

When doing a reading, whether it is over the phone or in person, she gets what she describes as a “bigger picture,” she is able to understand more about her client than the average person.

Lauderback uses her readings to help people, she uses them to help people understand the root of their problems, to get clarity about a situation but she never makes decisions for her clients.

“You should never leave a reading feeling scared, you should always leave feeling empowered,” she said.

She also emphasizes that psychics cannot tell you what you have to do, they can give you options, possibilities and it is up to the client to decide what they want to do with the information.

Being open to everything

Deciding to take on the role of a professional psychic medium was not an easy choice for Lauderback. She lost friends over it and questioned if it was really right for her.

But when she really surrendered to it, things fell into place.

She said her background in psychology has helped her help people with her gift.

She said she feels an incredible responsibility toward her clients’ well-being.

While Lauderback has done thousands of readings, she does say that the client has to be willing to accept the reading.

“You can’t force someone to get a reading,” she said, adding if she felt like the connection wasn’t there then she’d advise them to seek out another reader.

You can find Lauderback at the ARE, giving readings at the Velvet Witch in Selden Market or you can reach out to her on her website.

Also, she has a Facebook page where people can see where she’s at.

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