Here’s a list of the City of Virginia Beach’s 10 highest paid employees

VIRGINIA BEACH — Here’s a list of the 10 highest paid employees with the city, according to a document obtained through a FOIA request.

The 2018-2019 city budget included 2 percent raises to all city employees; however, City Council singled out City Manager David Hansen and voted on June 19 not to raise his pay.

Salaries are per year, not including fringe benefits.

  • David Hansen, city manager: $263,611.40
  • Louis Leone III, psychiatric medical director: $251,769.70
  • Mark Stiles, city attorney: $227,449.30
  • Colin Stolle, commonwealth’s attorney: $218,123.62
  • Ubha Rayamajhi, adult psychiatrist: $214,668.22
  • Leslie Rhea, staff psychiatrist: $209,491.10
  • Maria Regina Gosioco Cenzon, staff psychiatrist: $203,516.08
  • Tom Leahy, deputy city manager: $192,587.20
  • Steven Cover, public safety deputy city manager: $188,302.40
  • Ken Chandler, deputy city manager: $185,057.60

Their combined annual salaries are $2,154,576.62.

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