It’s water safety month. Are you prepared?

May is National Water Safety Month, so whether you’re just pulling the cover off of the pool or you’re suited up and ready to dive in, take a moment to brush up on the best ways to stay safe and enjoy the waves.

Think you’re ready to splash into summer? Take this quiz to find out if your knowledge is current.

1. True or False: The most important safety precautions begin at the water’s edge.

(False) Accident prevention starts on dry land. Most states require appropriate fencing around pool areas. Additional chimes on backyard doors and an alarm by the pool’s gate can assure that no one enters the water without safe supervision.

2. True or False: Calling 911 should be your first response to an emergency.

(True) Make sure emergency responders are on their way as soon as there’s an accident. But taking appropriate action in the minutes before medics arrive may save a life. Sign up for CPR certification with the Red Cross.

3. True or False: All dogs can swim.

(False) While some breeds are known for their prowess in the water, others shy away. All animals are individuals, so don’t assume your pup is ready to jump in until you’ve had a chance to observe his ability.

4. True or False: Scissors might be the most important tool in your first aid kit.

(True) Scissors might save a life when hair or clothing gets sucked into pool drains or filters. Be sure to keep a pair readily accessible in your pool’s first aid kit to free a struggling swimmer.

5. True or False: If pool chemicals are safe enough to swim in, they’re not dangerous to breathe in.

(False) While properly balanced pool chemistry is safe for swimmers, pool chemicals like chlorine and muriatic acid can pose serious dangers in their concentrated forms. Always lock up pool chemicals and wear appropriate respiratory protection when working with them.

6. True or False: Correctly treated pool water is safe for animals to drink.

(False) While small amounts of pool water are not harmful to ingest, larger doses may irritate stomachs. Make sure animals have plenty of fresh water at poolside for hydration in the heat of the sun.

Diving into to cool, blue waters on a hot summer’s day is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Make sure to keep families and pets safe to assure it’s a joy to be repeated for years to come.

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