It started in a brick oven in this couple’s yard. It’s now a restaurant

A family lunch at Bodacious Bakery

VIRGINIA BEACH — For Bodacious Bakery owners, Terri Sutryk and her wife, Jackie Poutasse, opening a new restaurant seemed like the perfect business move to make.

“What really started the idea to sell homemade food was a brick oven we had in our yard,” Sutryk said. “We would make homemade wood-fired pizza and have parties for friends and family.”

Soon, everyone started asking the couple when they would be able to purchase the pizzas.

That’s what led Sutryk and Poutasse to start their food truck service, Bodacious Pizza, back in 2014. It was a success — and it inspired Sutryk to move on to the next level.

“Our customers soon started asking when we would open up a brick-and-mortar restaurant,” Sutryk said. “We’ve had very good reviews at our Bodacious Pizza mobile catering site, but we wanted to expand our menu and branch out.”

Sutryk credits her wife and co-owner, Poutasse, for the name Bodacious Bakery.

“It was catchy and fun — she was the true inspiration behind all of this, and has baking down to a science,” Sutryk said.

For Sutryk and Poutasse, Bodacious Bakery is more than just a restaurant — it’s a family business. That personal approach and attention to detail are what sets them apart from other establishments. It’s that warm and welcoming vibe that a customer feels as soon as they step through the door, Sutryk said.

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Bodacious Bakery currently offers a variety of breakfast and lunch choices, such as sandwiches, salads, biscuits, and vegan baked goods. In the future, the bakery will offer dinner options as well, including their signature artisan pizza and homemade pasta.

Sutryk also aims to sell their bread to other restaurants.

(Courtesy of Bodacious Bakehouse)

“In a year or so, we’re going to have this place filled up,” Sutryk said.

Bodacious Bakery officially opened March 20 and is located near Virginia Beach Town Center at 309 Aragona Blvd.

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