Sea Hill Spa will offer Oceanfront’s first full-service spa of its kind. Take a peek inside.

The hydrotherapy pool in the women’s area of Sea Hill Spa. (Courtesy of Sea Hill Spa)

VIRGINIA BEACH — From the first step inside of the Sea Hill Spa, the owners of the new spa inside The Cavalier seem focused on being the first full-service spa of it’s kind for both locals and visitors of the Oceanfront.

In addition to offering a full range of salon services and treatments with cutting-edge technology, the Sea Hill Spa’s director, Kelly Lanza, said that the spa was also designed to encourage guests to stay longer than their appointment time.

Earthy tones of browns, grays, and blues blend together throughout the facility whether you visit the salon that can hold 13 people for manicures, blowouts, and a full array for hair services or deeper into the spa treatments rooms or the lounge.

Full-service salon and blow out bar (Courtesy of Sea Hill Spa)

The salon is far enough away from the inner workings of the treatment rooms to ensure the quiet ambiance of the spa isn’t infringed by the lively noise of hair services that is prepared to cater to bridal parties and other large groups.

Included in the design of the salon are the many original Cavalier columns, purposely exposed to pull in the history of the hotel with the fresh ambiance.

Original Cavalier Hotel Column (Courtesy of Sea Hill Spa)

“The spa leads you into a maze of sorts,” Lanza said. “This was done on purpose so our clients would focus more on where they’re going and about to experience instead of their to-do list.”

Canadian-born Lanza moved to Virginia — where her husband has family — from Florida. Having started out as a massage therapist and aesthetician before going into spa management, Lanza is excited to build something from the ground up. With 15 years in the spa industry at 5-star resorts in the Cayman Islands, Vancouver, and Florida, she’s preparing for the Sea Hill to join the high-quality ranking.

“Our treatments and equipment are state-of-the-art and unique,” Lanza said. “Our custom-made tables from Germany offer a new level of relaxation.”

In the spa’s wellness room, a halo tub sits next to the quartz sand Gharieni table for the psammo therapy soak and sand treatment. Gharieni describes psammo therapy as being, “used for applications where the deep, dry heat of quartz sand is used; applicable for relaxation or as a wellness treatment for various ailments.”

A sheet separates the client from the warm sand that curves around their body during the therapy. The table also tilts to offer zero gravity positioning while the sand holds you in place.

Quartz sand table in the wellness room and spa capsule (Courtesy of the Sea Hill Spa)

For scrub and body wrap fans, the hydrotherapy spa capsule offers hot and cold therapy with Vichy shower heads on the top and bottom, therapeutic LED light, steam, and vibration massage. Instead of having to get up from a table to shower off during the treatment, everything is achieved while lying down in the capsule.

Some of the other unique treatments include a bourbon wrap where the liquor is made right next-door at The Cavalier’s Tarnished Truth distillery. Patrons can also choose a variety of massages including the Himalayan salt stone massage on gentle vibration tables with audio headrests, or immerse themselves in the salt room surrounded by warm Himalayan salt bricks.

Himalayan salt room (Courtesy of the Sea Hill Spa)

Duos looking for side-by-side treatments can do so in one of the two couple treatment rooms, with one room including its own tub for two.

With separate spaces for men and women housing lockers, showers, dry and steam saunas, and a hydrotherapy pool in the women’s, clients can shower and get ready for the day in a vanity area. After donning a Sea Hill robe, the Blue Lagoon lounge offers fruit infused refreshments and healthy snacks. The Lagoon has spots for couples, large couches for groups, and loungers fitted with reading lights.

Sea Hill’s women’s area and Blue Lagoon lounge (Courtesy of Sea Hill Spa)

Through a door in the hallway, The Cavalier spa water pool and whirlpool are available for guests to use during their stay. The Sea Hill Spa also has a retail boutique with products from all over the world for your face, skin, hair, and nails that are used for many of their treatments and throughout the spa.

According to Lanza, the vision of the spa is for all of the senses to be tapped into and heightened during holistic treatments and stay at Sea Hill.

“Virginia Beach locals and visitors are looking for this type of environment,” Lanza said. “Coming here is like a vacation.”

Sea Hill Spa will be open along with The Cavalier Hotel on March 7th. Services are available Monday – Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the spa suggests booking appointments two weeks in advance. You can learn more about the Sea Hill Spa by clicking here.



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