Men’s magazine names Virginia Beach one the most adventurous cities in America

Mount Trashmore Park (Southside Daily file photo)

VIRGINIA BEACH — There are 293 parks in the city and a couple just put Virginia Beach on the national radar.

Men’s Health Magazine published an article recently that named Virginia Beach as the 7th-most adventurous city in the United States.

Writer Tom Piccolo gave two parks a shout out in the listicle’s blurb about the city.

The first is False Cape State Park, which is known for camping, hiking and biking between the Back Bay and North Carolina.

“It is considered one of the last remaining undeveloped areas along the East Coast and it serves as one of the city’s 293 parks, spanning over 6,000 acres,” Piccolo wrote.

Piccolo also applauded Mount Trashmore Park.

“This landfill-turned-park is considered an environmental achievement, and it’s home to a prominent skate park, complete with a 13.5-foot tall competition-sized vert ramp,” Piccolo wrote.

The city joins a list of ten others, including Boston, San Diego and Austin.

According to the article’s methodology, it ranked cities based on sports participation numbers, the ratio of parkland to city size, household expenditure percentage and more.

“We are so lucky that Virginia Beach is a place where the citizens and city leadership understand and value what having a high-quality park system provides to the community,” Julie Braley, Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation spokesperson, said.

“Parks offer recreational opportunities for residents to lead healthy lifestyles, increases property values, reduces crime rates, and just overall adds to the beauty of our already picturesque coastal environment.”

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