Best Hampton Roads breweries announced at Golden Tap Awards

The best beers and restaurants in Hampton Roads were announced Tuesday at O’Connor Brewing Company during the 2016 Golden Tap Awards.

Bronze, silver, and gold awards were given for more than 40 beer-related categories, including Best Brewery Tasting Room, Best Brewery Event, and Best Beer and Pizza.

Winners were determined by an online vote hosted by VEER Magazine that represented 50 percent of the decision. The other half of the decision was made by a panel of beer experts.

Some highlights from the evening:

 Brewery of the Year: O’Connor Brewing Co.

Best Restaurant Selection of Local 757 Beer: Tap It Local Craft Beer and Southern Fair

Best Bottle and Can Selection: The Bier Garden

Best Beer and Pizza: Cogans Pizza

Best Brewery Event: Green Flash Brewing

Best Brewery Tasting Room: Big Ugly Brewing

Best German Style Beer: Wasserhund Brewing Co. – King Neptune Kölsch

Best Pilsner: Smartmouth Brewing Company – Safety Dance

Best Russian Imperial Stout: O’Connor Brewing Co. – Ibrik Turkish CoffeesImperial Stout

To learn more about the Golden Tap Awards visit VEER Magazine.

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