City unveils names of ad hoc panel on online-home sharing

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The City has released the names of its ad hoc committee on the online-home sharing economy.

Committee members were appointed by City Council on Aug. 16, according to a list provided by Robert Matthias, assistant to City Manager Dave Hansen. The committee is charged with studying the online home-sharing industry and reporting back to Council about possible legislative initiatives. The committee members include local civic leaders and local representatives of the hotel and real-estate industries.

The ad hoc committee members are:

  • John W. “Jack” Drescher, Chairman                                                                   
  • Sandi Granger, Representative from District No. 1/Centerville
  • Larry E. Stampe, Representative from District No. 2/Kempsville                                         
  • Heidi L. Daniels, Representative from District No. 3/Rose Hall
  • Bruce A. Johnson, Representative from District No. 4/Bayside                         
  • Tim Solanic, Representative from District No. 5/Lynnhaven
  • Michael Kelly, Representative from District No. 6/Beach                       
  • William P. Brown, Representative from District No. 7/Princess Anne                                    
  • Robert N. “Bob” Taylor, At large                                                             
  • Edward C. Denton, Vice President, representative from the Hotel/Motel Association                                         
  • Betsy Atkinson, Hampton Roads Realtors Association                                                        

By the end of September, the ad hoc committee is expected to recommend potential changes to a new City ordinance that requires people who rent their homes through online platforms to register with the commissioner of the revenue and pay a transient occupancy tax. The committee will also provide input for the General Assembly Workgroup and the Council’s General Assembly legislative agenda.

Note: After this story was published, Southside Daily learned that, due to an oversight, City Council only appointed 11 members, not 14, to the committee on Aug. 16. This story has been updated to reflect that oversight. Additional members may be named to the committee in the future.

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