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The digital age has been tough on newsrooms. Newspapers have shrunk as readers and advertisers move online. The result is less and less coverage of the news that matters most — what’s happening in your own community.

Southside Daily is changing the story. We’re starting a newsroom. We’re bringing local back, and we’re making it free. No paywall. No subscription fees. Just day after day of original reporting on what’s happening in the neighborhood and the city around you. We can do this because we have local businesses advertising with us, and we don’t have to pay for a printing press.*

Here’s another thing about us: We don’t run editorials or opinion pieces. We stick to the news. Readers can discuss what they think about it in our comments section.

Soon, you’ll also hear us on our partner station, 102.1FM The Tide, your home for Handpicked Music and Hometown News.

We like free. We like local news. We think you will, too. Sign up for our daily newsletter at SouthsideDaily.com to stay on top of our latest headlines.

*Our years of experience prove that our business model works. Learn more at Local Voice, our Williamsburg-based parent company.

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