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The needle still brings the grooves for Norfolk vinyl collectors, sellers

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NORFOLK — In a world where younger generations recycle the things from the past, it would appear that vinyl records have risen from the...

New law imposes fines for slow drivers in left lane

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VIRGINIA BEACH — A new law is imposing a fine for lingering in the left lane on highways and interstates. Starting July 1, drivers who...

Part of Shore Drive to close next week for Lesner Bridge work

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VIRGINIA BEACH — A section of one of Virginia Beach's busiest roadways will close at night next week as crews move a gantry crane for...
Megabus will offer five travel options in Virginia Beach beginning Monday, June 5.

$1 trip to Hampton, $29 to DC among new bus routes in Virginia Beach

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VIRGINIA BEACH — Taking a summer trip to check out what the East Coast has to offer doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg...

Where We Live: Eco Adventure at Lotus Farm

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VIRGINIA BEACH — Looking for a hobby? Try your hand at the farm life at Eco Adventure, a newly renovated Virginia Beach farmhouse decked...

Local musicians launch Kickstarter campaign to release American Train Collective album

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The American Train Collective consists of eight young musicians and they are in no hurry to become recording music icons. Because what they accomplished last...

Virginia Beach life coach uses calls, text to send positivity around the globe

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VIRGINIA BEACH — While doing facials on clients several year ago in her hometown of Lynchburg, Va., Kessley McCormick began cultivating her purpose in...

After last week’s bridge collapse in Atlanta, VDOT says ‘People should not be concerned’

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Scenes of a major fire engulfing a busy highway are scary. Citizens put a vested confidence in our local government and an unwavering sense of...