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(Southside Daily File Photo/courtesy of Pixabay Images)

Here’s the most common STI in Virginia Beach and where to go for treatment

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- In 2016 the Virginia Department of Health released data stating the No. 1 sexually transmitted infection in the city is chlamydia, there...

Lidl is teaming up with the Autism Society to host sensory evenings

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- Lidls across the nation will be hosting sensory evenings in their stores every Thursday for the month of April starting April...
Johnny, a male bongo who was born in December sits with the newborn calf Boomer. This birth brings the bongo herd to a total of eight. (Southside Daily/courtesy of The Virginia Zoo)

Springtime brought two new babies to the Virginia Zoo

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NORFOLK -- The Virginia Zoo is kicking off spring with two new babies -- a bongo calf and porcupette were recently born and can...
Pharrell Williams (Southside Daily file photo/Courtesy of Pexels)

Here’s the lineup for Pharrell’s ‘Something in the Water’

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VIRGINIA BEACH – Perhaps a vast majority of residents already know there’s going to be “Something in the Water” come April, and now star...
Dominique Taylor, left, chats with Commodore Tom Guy, deputy director of Combined Joint Operations from the Sea Centre of Excellence. (Southside Daily/Courtesy of ODU)

An ODU cyber student just wrote a ‘Big Data’ paper for a Naval group. Here’s what that means

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NORFOLK -- Dominique Taylor knew he would benefit from writing a Big Data paper for the Combined Joint Operations from the Sea Centre of Excellence. But...
Virginia Beach City Hall

Virginia Beach is fueling its future with open data. Here’s how

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VIRGINIA BEACH -- After the Envision Virginia Beach 2040 report was released in 2012, city officials have been working toward keeping residents informed of...

Here’s why Hampton Roads is considered one of the best places to homeschool your kids

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The Hampton Roads area has been described by parents as a friendly, educationally rich place to home school children. In Virginia Beach there are 1,478...
(Southside Daily/Courtesy of Hampton Roads Refugee Relief)

Refugee volunteers are helping build a better community in Hampton Roads. Here’s how

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When refugees come to the shores of America, their lives are changed forever. But it’s the volunteers that help them start over. “A lot of times...