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Eight meaningful ways to show your appreciation of our military

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Town Center of Virginia Beach shares advice on how to honor military and public safety personnel during “Hero Week.” Have you struggled with ways to...
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Pharrell Williams (Southside Daily file photo/Courtesy of Pexels)

Pharrell Williams pitches arts, food festival in Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach native Pharrell Williams says he's trying to assemble a yearly festival in his hometown of Virginia Beach that coincides with the annual...
Workshop participants learn high-end data analysis using ODU's Turing supercomputer. (Southside Daily photo/Courtesy of Old Dominion University)

Group leads workshop in the Philippines while using supercomputer at ODU

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At a recent workshop led by Old Dominion faculty and students, participants learned about genetic analysis using the University's supercomputers, all while in the...
Olivia Huber (Southside Daily photo/Courtesy of Old Dominion University)

She fixed planes when she was enlisted. Now she wants to fly them as an officer

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Few students get to view their campus from the ground and the air. Old Dominion University's Olivia Huber hopes to be one of them. Huber,...
Girl Noticed in Norfolk Virginia's NEON District

Women are getting ‘noticed’ in Norfolk’s NEON District

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NORFOLK — A nationally known muralist is bringing her feminist, inclusion-themed public art to Norfolk's NEON District. Lori Pratico, an artist and educator, will be...
(Southside Daily photo/Courtesy of Pexels)

Here’s a big kudos to students in Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach City Public Schools students outpaced state averages as far as the 2017-2018 student scores on Standards of Learning tests were concerned. Figures released...
Ricardo Melgoza of Melgoza Lawn Care, left, and Aaron Pope of Aaron's Lawn Care, right, pose recently in front of Melgoza's work trailer. Both take part in the GreenCare for Troops program (Southside Daily photo/Courtesy of Project EverGreen)

Program allows local landscapers to volunteer to help military families

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VIRGINIA BEACH — When a family member serving in the military is deployed it can create a variety of hardships and challenges – both...
Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone receives the 2018 NOBLE Attorney General Eric Holder Leadership Award. (Southside Daily photo/Courtesy of the City of Norfolk)

This year’s recipient of the NOBLE award is this city’s top cop

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NORFOLK — Police Chief Larry D. Boone was awarded the 2018 NOBLE Attorney General Eric Holder Leadership Award Monday at the 42nd Annual NOBLE Training Conference...

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