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Virginia Beach urban farmer maximizes ‘Nottalotta’ space to provide fresh veggies

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VIRGINIA BEACH — Tucked away behind trees and houses, just far enough from the noise on Independence Boulevard, is one of Virginia Beach's only urban farms. Nottalotta Acres...

Wooden coaster InvadR roars into Busch Gardens

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Every time a roller coaster is constructed there’s at least one unique moment, said Susy Cheely, director of design and engineering at Busch Gardens...

After performing around the world, Virginia Beach conductor sets sights on Southside symphony

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VIRGINIA BEACH – In a search for a new music director, Virginia Beach’s Symphonicity orchestra is almost halfway through a five-concert series in a...
Salem High School baseball players volunteer

Virginia Beach volunteer impact drops seven percent in 2016

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VIRGINIA BEACH — The overall volunteer impact in Virginia Beach dropped seven percent in 2016, according to an annual report. Last year 15,510 people volunteered 1.1...
Hampton Vipers softball

Virginia Beach high school softball players sign with colleges, universities

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Eight Virginia Beach student athletes signed offer letters Friday night to play softball at colleges and universities across the Commonwealth. "I'm very excited. I've dreamed about this...

Virginia Beach man to swim the English Channel in 2018

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Competitive swimmer and Chic's Beach local Anders Jakobsson said he thinks everyone should know how to swim. This sentiment makes sense, coming from someone who swam...
Norfolk Women's march

More than a thousand people take to the streets at Women’s March in Norfolk

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  President Donald Trump took the oath of office Friday and people across the nation took to the streets Saturday in protest. More than a thousand men, women...

10-year-old Virginia Beach girl beats the odds, becomes ambassador for childhood cancer

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Ten-year-old Abby Furco loves Harry Potter. She's read all seven books, as well as the prequel and the sequel. Abby's often wondered what schoolhouse she'd...