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Calling All Pets

Gadsden in the heat of the moment (Southside Daily Photo/Courtesy Samantha Logan)

Gadsden loves sniffing butts

What is your pet’s name? Gadsden What is the breed of your pet? Boerboel How was your pet’s name chosen? Named after the Gadsden flag (don’t tread on me, rattlesnake). Does...
Roseanne looking like she should be on the red carpet (Southside Daily Photo/Courtesy Jessica Guckert)

Roseanne, this week’s adoptable pet

While not the star in a fictional tv sitcom, she's a real-life adoptable dog! Roseanne is currently in a foster home while she heals...
Stuart fantasizing about his future forever home. (Southside Daily Photo/Courtesy Jessica Guckert)

Stuart, this week’s adoptable pet

Hi, I'm Stuart! I'm a rough and tumble guy who loves to play! I must admit that I really enjoy my food maybe a...
Roxy keeping an eye out for things to chase! (Southside Daily Photo/Courtesy Cindy)

Roxy looks like she could be a surfwear model

What is your pet’s name? Roxy What is the breed of your pet? American Bulldog How was your pet’s name chosen? Her adopted name was Cow and we thought she...
Lady Caitlin gazes knowingly over her vast kingdom. But she's in the market for a new one! (Southside Daily Photo/Courtesy Jessica Guckert)

Caitlin, this week’s adoptable pet

Lady Caitlin has graced Norfolk with her alluring presence! This Queen of Cats is looking for her next castle to preside over and fill...
Samuel and his family (Southside Daily Photo/Courtesy Angelica Sears)

Samuel goes everywhere with his family and loves everybody he meets

What is your pet’s name? Samuel What is the breed of your pet? Pom-poo Morkie mix How was your pet’s name chosen? We thought he just looked like a Samuel. Does...

Pool, lake, anywhere: Sasha loves to swim

What is your pet’s name? Sasha What is the breed of your pet? Lab Mix How was your pet’s name chosen? It's the Russian nickname for Alexander/Alexandra, and I studied...
He may not lay golden eggs, but Goose is looking for a happy home (Southside Daily Photo/Courtesy Jessica Guckert)

Goose, this week’s adoptable pet

This feisty feline is Goose, and he wants to make his playful presence known! Goose is in need of a house that he can rule over....