Fluffy is as sweet as she is pretty!

Southside Daily/Erik Jansson. Fluffy relaxing and taking in some sun on her deck.

What is your pet’s name? Fluffy

What is the breed of your pet? Maine Coon

How was your pet’s name chosen? She is fluffy!

What’s one memory of your pet that really shows off their character? No single thing. She is the sweetest, mellowest girl. The only time she was ever rude was once when we touched noses and static electricity shocked her. She was so surprised that she swatted at me. That was years ago though.

If your pet were a famous historical figure, who would they be? Aphrodite or Flea-O-Patra.

What’s a personality quirk that seems entirely unique to your pet? She doesn’t mind getting a bath.

If you could tell your pet one thing, and they would understand every word, what would you tell them? I love you too. Now, please sleep in!

How did you meet your pet? She was adopted.

If you had to guess, what is your pet’s greatest ambition in life? She is good in cars, so maybe she wants me to get her a smoother ride.

Submitted by: Erik Jansson

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