Regal Mr. Bubbles

What is your pet’s name? Mr. Bubbles Wells.

What is the breed of your pet? He was a rescue, as most of my pets are, so through research, I believe we’ve found that he is a rare breed, called ‘Turkish Van,’ apparently .

How was your pet’s name chosen? ‘Bubbles’ was what the ladies at, Hope For Life- A no kill shelter at Hilltop in Va Beach, names him before I adopted him. I gave him his proper respect by adding ‘Mr.’ He is quite Regal.

What’s the most embarrassing thing your pet has ever done? When Mr. Bubbles ‘politely’ reach out, very unexpectedly, and slapped the nice Jehovah’s Witness lady I had just welcomed in for a glass of lemonade.

Does your pet have a favorite walking route? What is it and why? Yes. Behind me, wherever I may be going.

Does your pet have a pet peeve? If so, what is it? Yes, any attempt at being picked up, or otherwise ‘contained’. Apparently true to his breed.

If your pet could answer any question, but just one, what would you ask? Even though still skittish sometimes, so you love me as much as I think you do… and will you EVER allow me to hold you in my arms… if just for a moment?

Submitted by: Denise S. Wells

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