What is your pet’s name?
Eddie or Edward, Eduardo, Ed-weirdo

What is the breed of your pet?
Domestic Shorthair (Tuxedo)

How was your pet’s name chosen?
Eddie is named after “Eddie-short for Edina” of our favorite British comedy series “Absolutely Fabulous”. The two staring women are Patsy and Edina (Eddie). We named our cats the same time Patsy and Eddie.  (We also have acquired Saffron and Clicquot since, more Ab-Fab related, but that’s another story!)

What is a fun or quirky fact about your pet?
Eddie makes funny little chirping sound when anyone sneezes. We can’t tell if he likes it or hates it.

Do you have a favorite walking route, etc.? What is it and why?
He walks all over our house, pretty much having no manners. (Another story altogether)

Does your pet have a special talent? If so, what is it?
He is a good car cat as he travels from Williamsburg to Norfolk to Corolla NC several times a week. He can also get into the strangest of boxes, baskets, plastic wrap, purses, you name it!! He is just weird. Everyone loves him.

If your pet was a famous human, who would they be?
If not a human, he is really more like the cartoon cat Sylvester with Tweety Bird.

Submitted by Amy Morrison

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