BrainCore of Hampton Roads

Meet Steve Kapusta, owner of BrainCore of Hampton Roads; a facility that uses neurofeedback to create customized, non-invasive, drug-less solutions to support improved health naturally.


Do you have a nickname? What is it?
S: No nickname.

What is one food that you will not eat?
S: Sweet Potatoes

What was your favorite movie?
S: The Shawshank Redemption

If someone was to give you a gift (money’s no object) what would you want?
S: A week long vacation.

What is your biggest fear?
S: Spiders and snakes

What is the one quality you admire most in others?
S: Accountability

Where is the next place you want to visit?
S: Ireland

If you had to pick one place in town to take a tourist, where would it be?
S: Around the oceanfront.

Describe your perfect day off.
S: Nice morning walk on the beach, play a little golf and then chair on the beach in the evening.

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