Tammy Maloney is a nurse practitioner who ‘sees’ patients. (Southside Daily/Courtesy of Sentara)

You can now see a medical professional without leaving your couch. Here’s how

With today’s widespread use of smartphones, tablets, and computers, virtual medical visits are no longer limited to the world of the imagination. Sentara Medical Group...
Tidewater Community College campuses will be engaging in their yearly summer camp program, offering half-day classes in everything from coding to drones to mini medical...
For the month of March only, all Virginia Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) clients will receive benefits on March 1, according to the Virginia...
NORFOLK -- A former "American Idol" and "Fear Factor" contestant who was arrested last year here with nearly 2 pounds (0.9 kilograms) of fentanyl will...


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Krill range shrinks poleward with ocean warming

A new study based on careful analysis of 90 years of scientific catch data from the South Atlantic Ocean shows that the geographic distribution...
VIMS graduate student Jim DelBene (L) and his professional mentor J.C. Hudgins look over the water along a dock on Gwynn's Island in the Chesapeake Bay. (Southside Daily/A. Devlin/Virginia Sea Grant)

VIMS reaches out to crabbers for guidance on derelict pots

Researchers at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science are using a mail survey to ask local crabbers to share their opinions and experiences related...
(Southside Daily file photo/Courtesy of Pixabay)

Home items are getting smarter and creepier, like it or not

One day, finding an oven that just cooks food may be as tough as buying a TV that merely lets you click between channels. Internet-connected...

Candy, always looking for a soft, sunny nap spot

What is your pet’s name? Candy What is the breed of your pet? Calico Cat How was your pet’s name chosen? Her markings make her look like...
Lucky is sometimes a bit "inappropriate" (Southside Daily Photo/Courtesy Alicia Mathews)

Lucky, a sassy kitten

What is your pet’s name? Lucky, aka Baby Bear What is the breed of your pet? Domestic Long Hair Cat How was your pet’s name chosen? She...
Shadow has a big smile (Southside Daily Photo/Courtesy Jessica Guckert)

Shadow, this week’s adoptable pet

Hey, I'm Shadow! I arrived to Norfolk Animal Care Center after 8 years with my previous family when they could no longer care for...
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