Environmentalists and some scientists say the use of seismic air guns in undersea oil and gas exploration can harm and even kill whales, dolphins, turtles, and "larval krill" a main food source for whales (Southside Daily photo/Courtesy of Oceana)

Offshore oil exploration: Can the average citizen make a difference?

VIRGINIA BEACH - To the average American it often seems that our elected leaders, once they get to Washington, D.C., can become somewhat hard-of-hearing...
VIRGINIA BEACH — The Supreme Court of Virginia pushed back on the city's use of Freedom of Information Act exemptions, overturning a circuit court...
Wells Fargo charges students the most in fees on average to have a bank account, according to a government report. The report authored by the...
VIRGINIA BEACH — City council members Jessica Abbott and John Moss have put forth a resolution in Tuesday's agenda that would block City Manager Dave Hansen...


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VIMS' new flagship research vessel, the 93-foot R/V Virginia, will enhance Bay science and extend the institute's research footprint offshore. (Southside Daily/Jim Goins/VIMS)

VIMS welcomes new research vessel

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science community officially welcomed its new flagship research vessel --- the R/V Virginia --- at the Yorktown waterfront Friday,...

Electronic driving systems don’t always work, tests show

Testing by AAA shows that electronic driver assist systems on the road today may not keep vehicles in their lanes or spot stationary objects...
Flooding in the Creeds section of Virginia Beach (Southside Daily photo/Courtesy of the Virginia Beach Fire Department)

The state needs to increase flooding resiliency, so the governor asked VIMS for help

An Executive Order from Gov. Ralph Northam calls on the Virginia Institute of Marine Science to leverage its long-term monitoring programs and expertise in...
Charlie pokes his head out (Southside Daily Photo/Courtesy of Ali Weatherton)

Charlie gets a bone every single morning

What is your pet’s name? Charlie What is the breed of your pet? Lab mix How was your pet’s name chosen? He actually had several names, but he just...
Sandy lounging (Southside Daily Photo/Courtesy of Carmen Raymundo)

Sandy, named for her beautiful coat

What is your pet’s name? Sandy What is the breed of your pet? Mixed Siamese How was your pet’s name chosen? For the color of her coat. Does your pet...
Buster on the lookout (Southside Daily Photo/Courtesy of Rhonda Harley)

Buster defends his yard against birds and boats

What is your pet’s name? Buster What is the breed of your pet? Pitbull Mastiff How was your pet's name chosen? He was a rescue from someone moving...
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