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DAO Group will relocate their headquarter to Seahawk Circle, brining dozens of jobs to Virginia Beach. (Courtesy of DAO Group)
DAO Group will relocate their headquarters to Seahawk Circle, bringing dozens of jobs to Virginia Beach. (Courtesy of DAO Group)

VIRGINIA BEACH — A tech company that specializes in computer systems and program development is relocating their headquarters to Virginia Beach with a $2.3 million capital investment and will bring dozens of jobs to the area.

DAO Group, founded in 1999, will set up shop at 945 Seahawk Circle which was purchased for $1.35 million. According to a news release, the company will hire about 25 employees over the next four years, with annual salaries averaging around $48,000.

The 3-acre facility will allow future expansion of the company’s service lines for more than 200 manufacturers and distributors including Utz, Wise, Herr’s, Coca-Cola, Schwebel’s and Nickel’s.

After relocating, an additional $1 million in capital investment will include the purchase of mobile computers and printers for a rental program for the company’s business customers and real estate building improvements.

“We know DAO Group actively looked at other locations outside of the region for this relocation and expansion,” said Virginia Beach Economic Development Director Warren D. Harris in the news release. “We’re pleased they selected Virginia Beach, and we welcome this innovative technology company to the YesOceana business corridor.”

DAO Group was given a $100,000 grant through the city’s APZ-1 Economic Development Investment Program since their location is within the YesOceana footprint.

“The employees and owners of DAO Group are excited for our upcoming move to Virginia Beach,” said Andrew Stevens, managing partner. “Support from local government and Virginia Beach Development Authority has been welcoming and we look forward to being neighbors and partners with them as our company expands in this great community.”