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pets owen and oscarWhat is your pet’s name?
Owen (Orange cat, pictured with Oscar)

What is the breed of your pet?
Domestic Short Hair / Bengal mix

How was your pet’s name chosen?
We have two other pets: Oliver and Oscar. It just fit his sweet personality.

What is a fun or quirky fact about your pet?
We adopted Owen from a man who rescues area kittens. He had us sign a contract saying we would provide proof all medical care (shots, neutering, ect.) had been completed within a certain time frame. After we sent the final document to him, he sent us a binder of pictures. The album contained pictures of Owen’s liter mates, as well as more than 60 photos (with at least 6 different backdrops) of Owen as a kitten. We call it his “Baby Book”.

Do you have a favorite walking route, etc.? What is it and why?
His favorite walking route is across my face at 7 a.m., while loudly demanding breakfast.

Does your pet have a special talent? If so, what is it?
He comes when you call him, can conquer an obstacle in a single bound and can effortlessly shred most materials.

If your pet was a famous human, who would they be?
I would say the baby in “The Hangover.” While super-cool and always ready to get into trouble with his friends he is, at heart, a big baby.

Submitted by Carol Barna