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Virginia Eye Consultants staff celebrating "Looking Forward...Giving Back." (Courtesy of Virginia Eye Consultants)
Virginia Eye Consultants staff celebrating “Looking Forward…Giving Back.” (Courtesy of Virginia Eye Consultants)

NORFOLK – For the fourth year, Virginia Eye Consultants is giving free ocular surgeries to local patients in need.

Each year, the company performs about 50 surgeries – including cataract surgery, LASIK surgery, glaucoma surgery and corneal transplants – free of charge, for people nominated through their “Looking Forward…Giving Back” campaign.

“’Looking Forward…Giving Back’ brings free eye surgery to patients who would otherwise have no access whatsoever,” said John Sheppard, M.D., M.M.Sc., president of Virginia Eye Consultants in a news release. “This program helps deserving patients, many times the working poor without insurance, receive desperately needed services they could not otherwise afford.”

One woman said that if she hadn’t received the free treatment last year, she would have likely lost her eyesight.

To nominate someone for the service, click here. The nomination period ends May 15.

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