‘Classic nor’easter’ storm could bring snow showers to Southside by Tuesday, NWS says

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Courtesy of NOAA.gov
Courtesy of NOAA.gov

VIRGINIA BEACH — A storm that could bring cold rain and a sprinkle of snow is on its way to south Hampton Roads early this week, but warmer temperatures are forecast for the weekend, according to National Weather Service meteorologists Steve Rusnak and Bridget De Rosa.

“It looks pretty stormy here starting late Monday, and continuing through Wednesday,” Rusnak said. “Once the storm is over, temperatures will slowly moderate by next weekend.”

On Monday, Rusnak said to expect the day’s high temperature to be 48 degrees, hitting 52 degrees for the high at night. Wind gusts are forecast to reach 35 mph Monday and continue through Wednesday.

One to two inches of rain is expected fall as early as Monday afternoon, which could become snow showers by Tuesday and last through Wednesday. De Rosa said Southsiders could expect about a half inch of snow at most.

“This very intense storm is forecasted to develop along the mid-Atlantic coast, and that’s going to create a lot of changes in the weather in the next three days,” Rusnak said. “It will warm up first with the wind off the ocean, then get much colder as the storm passes by.”

Rusnak said the storm is a “classic nor’easter,’ which he defines as a “rapidly intensifying storm off the east coast moving northeast.”

At this point, there’s an 80 percent chance of showers on Tuesday, which could potential turn to snow showers, and a 40 percent chance for Wednesday.

The high for Tuesday is 46 degrees with a low of 26 degrees at night, and wind is forecast to reach 35 mph, according to NWS.

By Wednesday, Rusnak said the storm should be moving away, but that there will be enough moisture for snow showers with a high of 39 degrees and low of 27 degrees.

“There’s just a variety of active weather happening,” De Rosa said. “But highs on Saturday will be back in the mid-50s. This was just the weather’s way of saying winter is still here.”

Southside Daily reporter Amy Poulter contributed to this story. 

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