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Virginia Beach city council
Virginia Beach city council’s formal session Tuesday, March 7. (Justin Belichis)

VIRGINIA BEACH — The Cavalier Hotel developer is on track to build an Embassy Suites at the Cavalier resort area and the city is set to apply for a $2.5 million state grant that could pay for an Atlantic Avenue redesign proposal.

Councilman John Urhin, Councilwoman Shannon Kane and Mayor Will Sessoms did not vote on these items.

Embassy Suites

City council agreed to amend its tourism development financing program agreement with Bruce Thompson’s Cavalier Associates LLC in an 5-3 vote Tuesday, increasing its gap funding threshold from $18 million to $24.5 million to build an Embassy Suites at the Oceanfront.

The city is only responsible to cover a third of that grant total at $8.1 million plus interest. The money to cover that cost will come from 1 percent of sales tax generated at the Cavalier Resort properties.

State grant application for Atlantic Avenue redesign proposal 

City council agreed to apply for a $2.5 million transportation partnership opportunity fund that could pay for a proposed Atlantic Avenue redesign proposal in an 5-3 vote Tuesday.

According to a McPherson Consulting traffic study conducted last year, the redesign proposal was created to mitigate a projected traffic increase in the area when the Cavalier Resort area is active. It would also give the developer the option to create an illusion of the Cavalier Hotel’s historic grand lawn.

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