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Alexandra Curinga and Ramon Hernandez Jr. are engaged to be married October 2018.
Alexandra Curinga and Ramon Hernandez Jr. are engaged to be married October 2018.

Alexandra Curinga and Ramon Hernandez Jr. are to be married October 2018.

Alexandra and Ramon were engaged Saturday, Dec. 19, 2016. Alexandra had just finished performing in her church’s Christmas concert. Ramon and her family were there to support her.

“After the concert, Ramon said we were going to pick up my best friend, Kyra, and her boyfriend to go see the Christmas decorations at MacArthur Mall,” said Alexandra. Her parents congratulated her on the concert and they parted.

Once the couple picked up Kyra, they headed over to Norfolk. They parked at the mall and began walking toward a gorgeous Christmas tree sitting alone on a green area near the mall. “We were taking pictures and joking around,” said Alexandra. Some suspicion came up when Kyra’s boyfriend kept answering his phone and walking away to talk to the person on the line.

Finally, Kyra asked Ramon and Alexandra to take a picture in front of the tree. When they did, Ramon knelt down on one knee and proposed. “Of course, I said yes,” said Alexandra. Her next question was “Where is my mom?” The only thing she ever asked for, which Ramon and Kyra both knew, was that she wanted her parents to be there. Well, it turns out, her parents were there… except on the other side of the mall. They were at the wrong tree!

Apparently, when Ramon bought the ring, he was supposed to wait until Christmas day to propose. Three days later, he texted Kyra and said “I am asking her today, I can’t wait any longer.” Kyra got in contact with Alexandra’s parents, and they planned on meeting them at the Christmas tree next to the skating rink to surprise her. While her parents were waiting at the right location, they were on the other side of MacArthur at another Christmas tree.

After the proposal, they called her mom to explain. Alexandra gave him back the ring and said “Take two; we’re doing it again,” and ran over to her parents. The picture attached is from “take two.” It was quite hilarious and everyone joked that Ramon would show up at the wrong chapel when they get married, or the wrong hospital if they have children. “Either way, I think it worked out the best way it could. As you can tell, though, I’m more of the planner in our relationship,” said Alexandra.

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