Katy Dozier and Wesley Fox

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Katy Dozier and Wesley Fox are engaged to be married Oct. 28, 2017.
Katy Dozier and Wesley Fox are engaged to be married Oct. 28, 2017.

Katy Dozier and Wesley Fox are to be married Oct. 28, 2017, at the Virginia Aquarium in Virginia Beach, Va.

Katy, 24, is an outreach coordinator at REI. She graduated from Princess Anne High School in 2010 and Virginia Wesleyan College in 2014.

She is a daughter of Kathryn and Peter Dozier of Virginia Beach.

Wesley, 25, is employed with Fox Music of Virginia Beach.

He graduated from Princess Anne High School in 2010 and Virginia Tech in 2014. He is a son of Lindley and Saul Fox of Virginia Beach.

On Nov. 5, 2009, Wesley ran out of a dodge ball tournament to find Katy in the Princess Anne High School parking lot and asked her to be his girlfriend. The high school sweethearts would go to prom and graduation, but then part ways to continue their education in different cities.

Four years later, after graduating from college, they met for a date at the Virginia Aquarium. This reunion was short-lived, as Katy decided to jet off to Europe and travel for the next year. Fortunately, “Wesley persevered” (to quote Katy’s mom) and the two have been together since she returned to the States.

When Wesley asked Katy to be his girlfriend (again) on Oct. 27, 2015, they had already known each other for six years. Katy emphasized from the start that she wanted to date for a full year before deciding to get married, even though they both knew they’d spend their futures together. On Oct. 27, 2016, Katy was slightly shocked when he didn’t propose on their anniversary date.

Her friends reassured her that Wesley was probably waiting until the holidays or the next year. When Katy woke up on Oct. 29, 2016, and saw an envelope on her nightstand, she didn’t think much of it. Inside was a message that she had a nail appointment that morning.

After her manicure, Katy texted Wes the “code word” from the note, and within minutes, their friend Ben was outside the salon wearing a suit, holding open the door of his Camry. Ben gave Katy a bouquet of flowers with a handwritten clue, and the journey began.

First stop: Princess Anne High School. Ben pulled a bottle of sparkling cider down from a tree in the parking lot where Wesley first asked Katy to be his girlfriend back in 2009. From there, they drove to My Vegan Sweet Tooth on Virginia Beach Boulevard to pick up her favorite dessert, which Wesley had placed on hold. Ben wouldn’t tell Katy anything and she was getting suspicious, so he drove away from the oceanfront route to throw her off.

After the detour, they arrived at the Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium, where Katy was working when she and Wesley began dating. Ben escorted Katy along the nature trail to an overlook, and Wesley emerged in a suit. Ben jumped into a bush to discreetly photograph the proposal, as Wesley fought back tears. Within minutes, Wesley was on one knee presenting a gorgeous diamond ring. Now, the high school sweethearts will become Mr. and Mrs. Fox at the Virginia Aquarium in October of 2017, and the love will come full circle.

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