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Candace Shoates and Derrick Perkins Jr.
Candace Shoates and Derrick Perkins Jr.

Candace Shoates and Derrick Perkins Jr. are to be married Aug. 12, 2017, at First Baptist Church Berkley in Norfolk.

Candace Shoates, 28, is employed with 13 News Now. She graduated from Denbigh High School and Norfolk State University.

She is a daughter of Michael Shoates Sr. of Bradenton, Fla., and Deadre Shoates of Newport News, Va.

Derrick Perkins Jr., 28, is employed with Hampton Roads Transit. He graduated from Bethel High School and Norfolk State University.

He is a son of Pastor Derrick Perkins Sr. and Dr. Iris F. Franklin of Hampton, Va.

Derrick and Candace made plans to go to Dave & Buster’s on Saturday, Sept. 3, 2016. This was the compromise after Candace cancelled a small trip because Derrick wanted her to stay home a little more.

A few hours before their date Derrick said he had to go to Norfolk State University campus to help his frat brothers with a video. He also suggested that Candace just come along with him and said they’d find something else to do if he finished early.

She wasn’t too happy about that. On the way to the school, she fussed. When they parked at the school, she fussed some more. When they got to where his brothers were, she continued to fuss. She was more upset about sitting outside in the lingering wind and rain from a tropical storm than she was about actually being at the school.

When the guys were practicing, Candace noticed a mistake, Derrick had her stand in front of the guys to watch them closer. She fussed about that, too! She could see perfectly fine from where she was sitting and didn’t understand why she had to stand up.

Not long after, Derrick got in a huddle with the guys. When the huddle broke, Derrick walked up to Candace and got down on one knee. He told her that he brought her to the school because that is where they met seven years ago. He referenced the not-so-good weather by saying, “I want you to know that rain or shine, I’m going to make this dream happen!” Then he asked her to marry him. She said “yes.” The whole thing was a setup.

They never made it to Dave & Buster’s.

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