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The Virginia Beach school board elected a new chair and vice-chair to lead the board Tuesday night.

At-large board member Beverly Anderson was named chairwoman after an 8-3 vote between her and Bayside board member Carolyn Weems.

“I’d like to say thank you to my colleagues that voted for me. To those that did not, please know that I pledge to work professionally and collaboratively with everyone,” she said during a live stream of the vote on “I am a board member, but as your chair I am at your service, and that service is for all board members. I will do my best to represent the board in all endeavors.”

Daniel Edwards, who has served as school board chair for nearly two decades, nominated Anderson.

“Mrs. Anderson and I have not always agreed on every issue, but we have always been able to come to a common ground,” Edwards said. “That is one of the hallmarks of effective board leadership — steering 11 opinions to a common consensus.”

Edwards said he chose to step down from his long-held position for two reasons.

“I’ve been honored to lead this board for many years, but I’ve never been opposed to moving leadership around,” he said. “I also have an opportunity in my family to provide additional service, and I’m looking forward to doing that.”

Edwards was named vice-chair following an 8-3 vote between he and at-large board member Ashley McLeod.

He was nominated for vice-chair by board members Dorothy Holtz and Sharon Felton.