Norfolk works to develop ‘Coastal Community of the Future’ is your source for free local news and information in Virginia Beach

The city of Norfolk announced on Wednesday that city employees and residents are teaming up to design the “Coastal Community of the Future” to set the city up for greatness in the 22nd century.

Approved unanimously by the Norfolk Planning Commission in October, Vision 2100 is a step-by-step guidebook to ensuring the city’s success in the next 100 years.

“Norfolk continues to lead the region and the country in how we think and strategize around the impacts of sea level rise,” said George Homewood, director of planning, in a news release. “We know Norfolk will look very different 100 years from now. The decisions we make today should lead us on a path that creates a city that is the most liveable, resilient coastal community for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Vision 2100 will help us achieve this goal.”

Just over one year ago, the departments of planning, resilience and neighborhoods held community meetings that allowed residents to contribute their thoughts about what makes Norfolk the best place to work, live and play. City staff took those ideas and created Vision 2100.

Vision 2100 will become part of plaNorfolk 2030, which serves as a guide for development and public infrastructure to city officials.