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b4idieBefore I die…

You will soon be able to finish that sentence at a new public art project at the  Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

VSA Resorts is building a Before I Die wall on its upcoming resort at 17th Street and Atlantic Avenue. The wall will be an area of public inspiration where people can share the dreams they want to achieve before they die, according to a VSA Resorts news release.

“The 17th Street location is vitally important as it truly is the gateway to the Virginia Beach oceanfront,” Nadine Paniccia, vice president of sales and marketing with VSA Resorts, wrote in the release.

“What better place to add inspiration – where most people enter and exit the Oceanfront,” she added.

The Before I Die wall will be one of more than 400 across the globe. The movement was founded in 2011 by Candy Chang, who created the first Before I Die wall on an abandoned building in New Orleans after a friend died of cancer.

Virginia Beach’s “Before I Die” wall will be a permanent, chalkboard fixture maintained by VSA Resorts.

“We want to share the hopes and dreams of our local residents and the people who come from around the world to visit Virginia Beach,” Paniccia said. “What do you want to do before you die?”