Serial rapist sentenced to 20 years for Virginia Beach cold case is your source for free local news and information in Virginia Beach

Tarantole (Photo Courtesy of Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office)

A 50-year-old serial rapist will spend two decades in prison for raping a Virginia Beach woman in 1985.

Andrew Scott Tarantole, 50, of Gloucester, was sentenced to 20 years in prison Wednesday by Virginia Beach Circuit Court Judge Stephen C. Mahan.

Mahan found Tarantole guilty of the rape on Aug. 5 following a four-day trial.

DNA, including seminal fluid collected from the victim in 1985, was submitted to the Department of Forensic Science in 2014. Ultimately, it matched with Tarantole, according to a Virginia Beach Circuit Court news release.

Thirty-one years ago, Tarantole raped the victim in the woods off General Booth Boulevard after several attempts to coerce her. He fled away on foot, and the victim got a ride home and called the police, according to the news release.

Tarantole was convicted of rape, attempted rape, sexual battery and abduction for four separate offenses between 1985 and 1993. Victims of Tarantole’s past rapes described his attacks on them during testimony Wednesday, according to the news release.

Prosecutors credit advancements in DNA testing technology as the catalyst for solving the cold case.