Virginia Beach Mayor Sessoms claims victory after ‘nasty’ campaign is your source for free local news and information in Virginia Beach

Mayor William Sessoms claims victory
Mayor William Sessoms claimed victory Tuesday night at the Eagles’ Rockin’ Country Bar. (Justin Belichis/Southside Daily)

Mayor William Sessoms’ campaign claimed victory Tuesday night at Eagles’ Nest Rockin’ Country Bar after what he said has been the “toughest campaign of his life.”

At 9:15 p.m. before all results were in, Sessoms said he had won every precinct.

“Every day, I assure you … I will wake up in the morning with nothing on my mind other than ‘what can we do to make this city better,” Sessoms said at the event. “This campaign was one of the nastiest campaigns I ever have been involved in.”

Education, public safety, overcoming the recession, the city’s relationship with the Navy and tourism were talking points in his public address.

Sessoms has served as mayor since 2008. He previously served on city council as an at-large member for four years before being selected to be vice mayor in 1992, a role he held for 10 years, according to his website.

He serves on the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission and the Board of Visitors of Old Dominion University. Since being elected, he helped establish the Virginia Beach Biomedical and Health Sciences Task Force, the Mayor’s Action Challenge for Children and Families and the Alternative Energy Task Force.

Multi-modal transportation including a light rail expansion, community safety, tourism through the reopening of the Cavalier Hotel and an arena, homelessness and economic development are among the issues Sessoms has focused on during his campaign.

“I believe I have a track record,” Sessoms said in an interview with Southside Daily. “We’ve gotten through the recession, we have an excellent quality of life at a fair price and no one can touch our school system … and we have the safest city of our size in the country.”

Sessoms claimed victory over George Furman III, Richard W. “RK” Kowalewitch and A.M. “Don” Weeks.