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It’s election day, and you couldn’t possibly have waited any more time before deciding between the two candidates in the race for the 2nd Congressional District.

The winning candidate will represent all of Virginia Beach City and parts of Hampton, Newport News, and Norfolk Cities. The district also includes Accomack and Northampton, York counties, the City of Williamsburg and parts of James City County.

The following candidate profiles have been arranged in order of campaign financing, from greatest to least.

Scott Taylor (Courtesy Scott Taylor for Congress)
Scott Taylor (Courtesy Scott Taylor for Congress)

Scott Taylor

Del. Scott Taylor (R) is currently representing the 85th district in the House of Delegates. He was first elected in 2013. He has formerly served in the armed forces as a Navy SEAL. Since leaving the military he became an entrepreneur, real estate broker and small-scope developer, according to the Scott Taylor for Congress campaign website. The Taylor for Congress campaign and other associated political action committees have raised $704,533 according to the Virginia Public Access Project.

Taylor on medicaid expansion… “I am not an advocate of expanding medicaid. I’ve actually voted against it five times.” Taylor’s take-away: “It’s an absolute budget-buster in Virginia.”

On the affordable care act… “I think that the direction of healthcare is going to be predicated upon by who’s president. It’s very clear across the nation that it [the Affordable Care Act] has pretty profound flaws. I think that lawmakers have a duty to come together to reduce the cost of healthcare for Americans.”

On the race for the 2nd Congressional District… “We’ve been campaigning on taking care of our veterans, and trying to thread the needle between fiscal conservatives and military hawks. Reforming entitlements, I think my generation and beyond will need to address them. It will be my generation that has to step up.”

On Day One in office… “I’m not a big believer in comprehensive legislation. That’s a big word for gridlock. With sequestration I’ve been informed from some leaders in Washington that entitlement reform will have to come first. I’ll also put legislation in place that every single regulation that comes out of a regulatory body will have an impact statement.”

On bipartisanship… “I passed legislation this year that was a gun legislation in Richmond, my legislation got passed, I passed legislation that allows the Virginia National Guard carry concealed firearms so long as they have their concealed carry permit. It passed unanimously, but we had a veto proof majority.”

On rising tuition at colleges and universities… “First of all there’s a rising costs, I had numerous questions I think we should be looking at refinancing student debt. We shouldn’t be saddling students with crushing debt that they can’t pay off until they’re 50. I think that we have gone wrong that saying that they have to have a college degree to get a good job. What worries me is that we are unnecessarily saddling kids with student debt.”

Shaun Brown (Courtesy Shaun Brown for Congress)
Shaun Brown (Courtesy Shaun Brown for Congress)

Shaun Brown

Shaun Brown (D) is a business woman, community activist, and economist. She works at a global export firm. She was a delegate at the Democratic National Convention for Bernie Sanders. If elected she would be Virginia’s first African American congresswoman, according to the Shaun Brown for Congress campaign website. The Shaun Brown for Congress campaign and affiliated political action committees have raised $27,502according to the Virginia Public Access Project.

Brown on expanding medicaid under the Affordable Care Act…“Yes, no question.”

On the Affordable Care Act… “I’m an advocate of a single payer system. I consider the Affordable Care Act on the road to the single payer system.”

On the race for the 2nd Congressional District… “I see Virginia Beach as a focus point in the 2nd Congressional District, you know, the lines have been redrawn, so our district is from the Eastern shore to Williamsburg, what I see is a real opportunity is for us tomorrow to go blue. I have found the make-up of the district to be different than what some had suggested. Sometimes there is a thought that you should say you’re democrat or say you’re blue, but really you’re purple. I believe we’re gonna have a clean-sweep.”

On bipartisanship… “I think that the call for unity with the police shootings and making sure that we can work with our law enforcement. We may agree to disagree on how to address issues for the police shootings. When I met with the fraternal order of police, they asked me if I hate all police and I said I hate all the bad ones. The issue of gun violence is critical for all parts of Hampton Roads. Sometimes we might agree to disagree.” Brown’s take-away: “We might disagree about how we got to this point, but we’ve got to work together.”

On Day One in office… “Well the most important issue and my main focus of legislation is clean energy, because we can get our economy up and going in the second district. We can get jobs and better jobs. I’m a supporter of the $15 minimum wage. I want to see small businesses have the opportunity to expand into this industry.” Brown’s take-away: “We will all rise together.”

On building the economy… “A dollar invested in the military is a dollar that could be invested into making the military lean and green.” Brown’s take-away: “If you’re on the front line of defending this nation, you can go on the front line of defending this economy.”

On rising tuition at colleges and universities… “I’m an advocate of free tuition for community colleges and public universities.”

On the responsibility of voters… “We are the cradle of democracy in America, so we have to stand up. It is our responsibility more than other parts of the country.”