Father-son duo bringing new Philly Pretzel Factory to Virginia Beach

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For many Virginia Beach residents, retirement is a time to relax and look back on life with satisfaction. For Jack Dailey, it’s time for new endeavors.

A Virginia Beach father-son duo, TK and TK Dailey, have plans to launch a pretzel business in 2017. (Photo Courtesy: Jack Dailey)
A Virginia Beach father-son duo, Kevin and Jack Dailey, have plans to launch a pretzel business in 2017. (Photo Courtesy: Jack Dailey)

Following a longterm corporate career, Dailey is opening a Philly Pretzel Factory as his second act.

Famous for its freshly made, hand-twisted soft pretzels, Philly Pretzel Factory has been around since 1998 and is now the largest “Philly-style” pretzel bakery in the world.

Though Dailey grew up on Long Island, New York–which is roughly 150 miles from Philadelphia–he only recently learned about the Philly-based franchise.

“Up until about June, I had never heard of Philly Pretzel Factory,” said Dailey. “It wasn’t until a friend of mine looked into it for a potential Myrtle Beach location that it really piqued my interest.”

After learning more about the product and speaking with representatives, Dailey was all in.

“I really liked the structure and support of the operation,” he said. “It’s a great company with several franchising options to choose from.” Though two in-store operations work out of Virginia Beach and Norfolk Walmarts, no store-front business has opened in the area.

Another plus for Dailey–it was a perfect father-son venture.

“I was also interested in buying a business that would enable my son, Kevin, to run the operation. This was the perfect opportunity to one day pass it over to him,” said Dailey.

With all the franchise paperwork filed, the Dailey men are now on the hunt for a permanent business location.

“We’ve put a few letters of intent out and made some offers for some space,” he said. “We are looking for a location where we could be highly visible–hopefully somewhere on Independence Boulevard.”

Though Dailey and his son are still searching for the perfect location, they’ve already begun making plans for their week-long grand opening, and future expansion.

“One of the main aspects of the grand opening will be giving away free product.” said Dailey. “Our goal is to put pretzels in people’s hands until we can expand. We’d really like to open up a mobile operation on the Oceanfront that would be fed by our main store.”

Dailey also hopes to become a notable aspect of city events through partnerships across Virginia Beach.

“Moving forward, we hope to participate in the community by aligning ourselves with different businesses,” he continued. “We want to get our name out there and make sure everyone knows who we are and where we can be accessed.”

Dailey hopes to open his Philly Pretzel Factory by spring 2017.

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