OB-GYNs are top earners in Virginia Beach

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(Photo courtesy U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
(Photo courtesy U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Bear this in mind the next time you’re waiting in a doctor’s office.

Obstetricians and gynecologists are the highest-paid professionals in Virginia Beach, according to a new study.

With annual average earnings of $236,850, according to a release, they are not unique at the top of the salary heap. Eight of the top ten are medical professionals, from anesthesiologists (No. 2) to psychiatrists (No. 8) and dentists (No. 9).

In fact, the only way into the top ten without going into a medical field is to become a chief executive or a sales engineer. CEOs rank No. 5, with average annual salaries of $183,840; sales engineers land in the No. 10 spot, with earnings of $138,410.

The earnings profile was compiled by Zippia, a San Francisco-based personalized career resource. Based on 2015 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the study ranks the top 100-earning professions in Virginia Beach. Speech-language pathologists landed in the last spot, No. 100, with average annual salaries of $74,430. The study also lists the average starting salary for each of the 100 jobs, which, for speech-language pathologists, is $50,010, the release said.

For anyone considering a career in law, or one in science, technology, math and engineering, the salary survey may contain a few surprises.

Lawyers show up at No. 20, with average annual earnings of $119,030.

Who fares better than attorneys in Virginia beach? A range of professionals, including computer and information systems managers (No. 12), optometrists (No. 13), pharmacists (No. 15) and marketing managers (No. 19).

Non-medical scientists in various fields also earn less in Virginia Beach than science-minded peers who go into medicine.

Physicists, for example, rank at No. 60, with average annual earnings of $87,560. That places them below psychologists (No. 53) and veterinarians (No. 48).

Electrical engineers (No. 64), civil engineers (No. 65) and nuclear engineers (No. 78) earn slightly less than physicists, with annual salaries of $85,820, $85,180 and $81,190, respectively.

Chemists rank near the bottom, occupying spot No. 87, with average annual salaries of $78,290. Microbiologists fall just beneath chemists, at No. 90, with earnings of $77,050.

Disclosure: Journalists do not rank in the top 100.