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VIRGINIA BEACH — The City Council on Tuesday deferred voting on ordinances to approve spending more than $60,0000 on oyster restoration efforts.

Councilman John Moss suggested waiting to vote until after the city has adopted a plan for growing the filter-feeder’s population in the Lynnhaven River. No council members objected.

An audit released early last month revealed the city had spent more than half a million dollars on oyster restoration efforts without a written plan. Since then, city staff drafted a plan and last week briefed the council on it. The council is set to consider adopting the plan July 12 and could take up the financial ordinances at the same meeting.

The deferred ordinances appropriate more than $60,000 — including $3,300 from reserves — to reimburse Lynnhaven River NOW for operating the “Save Oyster Shells” program. Under that program, the nonprofit collects shells from restaurants, events and drop-boxes and stores them at the city landfill until they can be used in sanctuary reefs.